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Razor Sharp at High Speed

Baumüller is supporting Gallus in developing a new label printing machine in the field of drive technology. The Gallus Labelmaster exceeds its predecessor models both in terms of speed and in terms of flexibility. The high-precision Baumüller servomotors with a single-cable solution were decisive for this.

They should be informative and of course look nice, or interesting – in any case they should attract attention. More and more they are something to touch and a little glitz and glamor doesn’t hurt either. Labels are an important component of all types of packaging. They provide information about ingredients, application methods and encourage people to make purchases. The Swiss group Gallus is one of the leading manufacturers of label printing machines and its machines allow for simple and complex prints, which attract eyes around the world on supermarket shelves.

Gallus has relied on Baumüller as a partner for electric drive technology for about 25 years. Gallus equipped its latest and so far fastest machine, the Gallus Labelmaster 440, with the high-precision servomotor series DSH1. The results achieved are impressive.

Quick and preciseAbb.1 GALLUS Labelmaster resizedThe Gallus Labelmaster allows for impressively crisp printed images at a speed of up to 200 m/min

The Gallus Labelmaster is a flexo printing machine for printing rolls with a width of 440 mm, such as self-adhesive substrates, which are required to produce labels. With a maximum printing speed of 200 m/min, it is the fastest flexo printing machine that Gallus has ever built. The special thing about the Labelmaster is that it was not only able to increase the speed compared to the previous machines, but also the printing quality. Even at high speed, the printed image always remains in the register, which ensures a high-resolution printing result. This was made possible by using the high-precision servomotor DSH1 from the Nuremberg-based drive manufacturer and automation specialist Baumüller. With its extremely low cogging torque, the motors allow for an optimal synchronous operation so that an absolutely streak-free printing and thus maximum printing quality is achieved.

The Baumüller developers were able to achieve the decisive low cogging torque of the DSH1 motors by using different simulation techniques to continue to optimize the successful servomotors of the existing DS series. The motors of the DSH1 series were thus improved so that the cogging torque was significantly reduced. The impressive thing is that the DSH1 motors also fit perfectly into the standard modular system. That means that connections and housings are completely identical to the other DS series, which makes it very easy for customers to make the change. The DS series from Baumüller includes various three-phase current synchronous motors from the small series from a power of 0.3 kW to compact disc motors up to high-torque motors with a power of up to 1.3 MW.

Abb.3 GALLUS Labelmaster Einkabellösung resizedThanks to the single-cable solution from Baumüller, Gallus has shortened the setup times when changing the printing process with its label printing machine Labelmaster Flexible for all applications

In addition to precision and speed, flexibility was also in focus with the Labelmaster. The experts from Gallus came up with something very special here. The Labelmaster is completely modular and can be configured as needed for complex or even simple printing jobs. The flexo printing machine is available in three versions: the base version of Labelmaster, the Labelmaster Plus with advanced equipment and Labelmaster Advanced with a high degree of automation and maximum flexibility.

Sticking point: Setup times

Gallus was also able to significantly reduce the setup times with the Labelmaster, which is often a decisive factor in competitive comparison in the printing industry. The new, very lightweight printing cylinders made of aluminum are in particular an advantage when changing jobs. It is also very easy to manually change entire printing units. The focus here was on intuition and user friendliness. Thanks to the single-cable solution from Baumüller, only one plug has to be disconnected and reconnected when changing the printing units – it’s quick and without error.

Abb.4 GALLUS Labelmaster Leichte Druckzylinder kleinThe Gallus Labelmaster makes short setup times possible due to its user friendliness and intuition, for example with lightweight aluminum printing cylinders and quick, easy and safe changing of the printing units due to the single-cable solutionConclusion

For mechanical engineers, it is worth seeking advice from the drive and automation specialists at an early stage. Some of the most important USPs that sets the new flexo printing machine Gallus Labelmaster apart from the competition are based on the drive technology: Register accuracy and speed. Baumüller knows the industry-specific requirements of its customers and efficiently implements these specific solutions. “We have found a long-term partner in Baumüller with whom we can speak our own language,” says David Baumann, head of development at Gallus. In the past, both companies have been able to master important development steps together, such as the entry into direct drive technology or the establishment of a decentralized control architecture. It was also continuous developments in drive technology that have made the current Labelmaster a milestone in label printing.

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Baumüller in an interview with the Head of Development Department of the Gallus Group