b maXX 5300 - Single and double axis modules for high outputs

Greater flexibility, higher security functions

The new edition of the b maXX 5300 is even more flexible and application-optimized. In addition, it features new safety functionalities that are especially beneficial for highly dynamic applications.


With numerous hardware and software options, the new devices can now be adapted even better to the application requirements. For example, the required expansion level of the devices can be selected and the serviceability of the devices can be adapted.bmaxx 5300 - Einzel- und Doppelachsmodule für große Leistungen

…and safe

In the area of safety, pluggable modules are no longer the solution of choice for the new b maXX module systems – the safety functions are now directly integrated in the device. The new option of transmitting the secure position via the ETG standard FSoE offers further advantages. This means that higher-level safety controls can be employed regardless of the manufacturer. It also allows for safe space monitoring and the safe collaboration of several axes, for example in robotics applications.

If safety technology with a simple resolver is utilized, the speed resolution of the new converter generation is less than 1 rpm. Highly dynamic applications, such as textile machines or handling systems, especially benefit from this high accuracy of position and speed. Also of interest for highly dynamic applications is the faster response time to events: For example, on triggering the STO safety function, the controller is switched without torque with a delay of less than 1 ms.

The b maXX 5000 converter family has convincingly high-performance power modules, flexible expandability and an integrated communication concept. With the new edition of the b maXX 5300, Baumüller is revising its module systems and is making them even more powerful and flexible for customer use. Thanks to numerous hardware and software options, in future, customer and application requirements can be met with even more granular solutions.

Module systems for greater performance

The b maXX 5300 axis units are now suitable for peak currents of up to max. 420 A and therefore are also suitable for significantly higher nominal currents up to approximately 180 A.

Application solutions for injection molding machines

For hybrid and all­electric injection molding machines, we directly set the important industrial trends together with the machine manufacturer through jointly developed concepts. Drives from Baumüller in injection molding and blow-molding machines provide consistent quality and ensure optimum process data.

Your advantages — Energy efficiency

System solutions and comprehensive solution competence are of decisive importance. With smart solutions such as integrated water cooling in a stainless steel design or converters optimized for peak loads, we offer complete solutions from a single source.

  • Scalable in functional range and drive power
  • System supplier with a comprehensive product range
  • Mechanical friction losses are reduced
  • Auxiliary energy systems no longer required, saving costs
  • Reduction of life-cycle costs

Servoantriebe Systemlösungen

Fieldbus systems

Feldbusse Anreihtechnik

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Technical data for b maXX 5300 axis units

bm5300 sizes

Supply voltage; 207–528 V ± 0% AC, Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Electronic power supply: external 24 V DC
Clock frequency: 4 / 8 kHz
Certification: CE, cUL

Height and depth without mounting brackets.
1) Load cycles acc. to EN 61800
2) Depth of air cooling / depth of coldplate
3) Depth of water cooling

Subject to change without prior notice

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