Detecting and preventing wear in servo hydraulics

How can I detect and prevent wear in servo hydraulic applications?

Efficient machine solution for hydraulic and hybrid plastic machines and presses

Thanks to years of intensive cooperation with machine builders, Baumüller supplies innovative and optimized drive solutions for all sectors. One of the drive solutions is the servo pump. With the servo pump, Baumüller combines the advantages of hydraulic power transmission with the advantages of electric servo drive technology.

In our free webcast find out:

  • Which signs of wear can Baumüller drives recognize in a servo hydraulic application?

  • What exactly is meant by pump leakage and sensor drift?

  • How can the pump leakage be used to monitor pump wear?

  • And how can drives avoid critical operating states?

You can find more information on the detection and prevention of wear and tear in the servohydraulics in our webcast, which can be downloaded by filling out the fields in the form.

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