Low-maintenance drive technology for difficult production conditions

Concepts for servo motors and servo converters

Your customers want to avoid downtimes and high maintenance costs on their machines?

Heat, dirt and dust. That is the predominant production environment for aluminum die casting, but also for textile machines and other industries that have to produce under aggressive environmental conditions. Motors get dirty, servo drives and control cabinets overheat and thus repeatedly cause production downtimes and malfunctions.

How can machines function failure-free despite a difficult production environment? Long-term and in continuous performance.

In our webcast with our expert Nils Janßen you'll find out which advantages water-cooled or liquid-cooled electric motors and servo drives offer in difficult production conditions and which industries particularly benefit from it.

In the webcast you will learn:

  • Typical customer production environment

  • and its effects on servo drive systems

  • Additional effects of air-cooled propulsion systems

  • Costs of water-cooled components

  • What do I have to consider in order to use water-cooled motors?

  • How does that affect my control cabinet?

  • Additional benefits of water-cooled components

  • Baumüller product range of water-cooled servomotors and converters

You can find more information on difficult production conditions in our webcast, which can be downloaded by filling in the fields in the form.

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