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b maXX PLC

Combines industry PC and classical PLC control unit on shared hardware

With the control platform b maXX PLC, Baumüller combines the features of industry PCs and PLC control units to optimally cover the space between these existing solutions. b maXX PLC is available in two versions:

The b maXX PLC mc controls motion-control applications and can be rapidly and easily deployed for high-performance automation tasks thanks to the comprehensive Baumüller technology libraries.

The Industry 4.0 variant b maXX PLC IoT extends the Baumüller control unit with extensive IoT functionalities. This makes it the ideal solution for networking machines and machine modules right down to individual automation components. Both versions are available in the same version and have an IEC-61131-3 environment in realizing sophisticated control tasks.

The b maXX PLC is ultra-compact and powerful

The system offers easy handling with dimensions of 110 x 90 x 35 mm and is thus far more compact than the previous control solution. The b maXX PLC mc is based on an Intel CPU system that can be used universally for almost any automation task, and can be mounted flexibly. It takes up minimal space in the control cabinet and is suitable for top-hat rail mounting. The b maXX PLC mc also boasts very good performance with highly synchronous real-time tasks. This allows the implementation of complex applications with the highest performance requirements.

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The flexible platform for controlling and networking complex applications

b maXX PLCThe combination of PLC and PC makes it possible to utilize the possibilities of the Windows operating system in addition to the actual control tasks. By using multicore processors from the Intel Atom series and separating them into a real time system and a Windows operating system which both work independently of each other, applications can be realized that previously would have required a minimum of two systems. Machine visualization is a typical example. This saves space in the control cabinet and reduces complexity and costs in the after-sales area – for example, with spare parts inventories.

b maXX PLC mc also offers great user-friendliness with its tool-free, externally replaceable battery for the real-time clock, for example. Likewise, a very fast non-volatile RAM memory – NOVRAM – also enables safe data storage, even in case of power failure.

More about the b maXX PLC

  • Versions: b maXX PLC mc and b maXX PLC IoT
  • Compact dimensions of 110 x 90 x 35 mm
  • Can be used universally for virtually any automation task
  • Suitable for top hat rail mounting
  • 4x 1.91 GHz Intel Atom processor E3845 (QuadCore)
  • 32 GB eMMC read-only memory, 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 128 KB FRAM as NOVRAM
  • microSD Card Slot, max. 32 GB SDHC
  • HDMI interface type C
  • IP20 stainless steel housing with mounting clips
  • WIN 10 IoT 2019 LTSC Enterprise

Extensive IoT functionalities

The new b maXX PLC IoT extends Baumüller's b maXX PLC mc controller with extensive IoT functionalities. It's the ideal solution for networking and controlling machines and machine modules right down to individual automation components. With the new b maXX PLC IoT, data can be collected directly at the machine, preprocessed, and output to other terminal devices or the cloud. They make extensive and complex data analyses possible to enable Industry 4.0 applications, such as predictive maintenance. At the same time, new business models such as “pay per x” can be implemented.

b maXX PLC IoT also features the software Node Red. This allows users to set individual parameters to analyze data or even create their own dashboards. The available MQTT module allows data to be sent to different clouds, regardless of the respective cloud provider. It also includes an OPC-UA module, which ensures interoperability at machine level.

Data from different manufacturers’ devices can be processed. Data from Baumüller products, e.g. a b maXX converter, can be output parallel to the field bus through the internal protocol and thus through the service interface. Due to the enhanced functions, the connectivity of Baumüller devices, such as b maXX PLC IoT, with other automation components can be established via OPC UA.

Performance data | b maXX PLC mc

  • EtherCAT Master
  • 1000 Mbit Ethernet
  • IEC-61131-3
  • Motion Control
  • Coordinated Motion

Performance data | b maXX PLC IoT

  • All functions of the b maXXPLC mc control unit
  • For the networking and control of machines and machine modules
  • Enables complex data analyses • Implements Node-RED software
  • MQTT module included
  • OPC UA module ensures the interoperability at the machine level
    b maXX PLC IoT

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