b maXX 5000 - Power supply units

Power supply units for high performances

The power supply units have been expanded to include peak outputs of up to 300 kW. Ideal for dynamic movements requiring high peak outputs at short notice.

The energy-efficient solution scores with its very compact design and high power density and precision.

Integrated safety functions in the power supply unit

anreihbare Umrichtergeneration b maXX 5000For the b maXX 5000 generation of side-by-side converters, Baumüller offers a new safety solution in which the electric motors are switched off centrally with an STO (Safe Torque Off) module integrated in the power supply unit rather than decentrally in the individual motor converters.

As standard, the safety function in drive systems is integrated decentrally in the individual motor current converters. Equipping the electric motors with only one centrally switched STO control unit reduces the installation and wiring complexity of the drive system, resulting in lower manufacturing costs.

The new safety concept meets the SIL 2 safety requirements according to IEC61508 / PLd, category 3 as per DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and can be used in all applications where the power supply unit and the axis units require the same STO conditions.

DC link capacitance unit for the b maXX 5000 series

Energy and cost savings for dynamic applications

With the DC link capacitance unit, the braking energy can be temporarily stored for dynamic applications and used for subsequent acceleration. Applicable with devices of the b maXX 5000 converter generation.

bm5000 zke


  • Intermediate storage of braking energy –› Lower and optimized energy consumption
  • Peak load leveling –› Reduction of the contractually agreed consumption peaks with the energy supply company
  • Lower thermal radiation –› Smaller dimensioning of the cooling units possible
  • Smaller dimensioning of the control cabinet and power supply unit –› Less space required and cost savings possible
  • Temporarily stored energy allows for controlled system shutdown in the event of errors and power failure –› Cost reduction by not needing an independent power supply (UPS)

b maXX 5000 – The modular servo drive

Braking energy

The control of a brake resistor is integrated in the device as a brake chopper. A ballast resistor is connected externally. On the one hand, this ensures optimum dimensioning and, on the other, reduces the construction volume of the control cabinet.

Mains filters

To ensure a cost-effective configuration, mains filters are always connected externally upstream of the device. This way, several power modules can be combined on one mains filter, which reduces the costs for the entire system.

Temperature-dependent fan control

The fan is open-loop controlled as a function of the internal temperature of the device. This lowers the overall energy balance, thus reducing the overall costs of a system.

DC link coupling

A DC link coupling of several power modules for energy compensation is possible. The excess energy is not “burned up”, but is available to other drive units without additional energy being absorbed from the power supply.

Safety module

With the help of the optional safety module, “STO” functionality acc. to EN ISO 13849 up to PLe/SIL3 can be easily realized without integrating additional contactors within the motor cable. This makes the structure of the safety circuit simpler and clearer. The potential danger emanating from the machine is reduced. The machine works reliably.

Cooling methods

Standardkühlung Luft bm5500 coolingStandard cooling method
Durchstecktechnik Wasser bm5500 coolingpush-through technology
Coldplate bm5500 cooling

The modular servo system for outputs up to 100 kW

The modular servo system sets standards in drive technology. In combination with the four available servo motor series DSD2, DSP1, DSH1 and DSC1 you always get the exact performance you want – no more and no less

The modular servo system for outputs up to 100 kW


Injection molding machine — Energy efficiency

Short cycle times, maximum precision, and energy-efficient drives

For hybrid and all­electric injection molding machines, we directly set the important industrial trends together with the machine manufacturer through jointly developed concepts. Drives from Baumüller in injection molding and blow-molding machines provide consistent quality and ensure optimum process data.

Servoantrieb Spritzgießmaschine

Fieldbus systems

Feldbusse Anreihtechnik

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Technical data for b maXX 5000 power supply units

bm5000 sizes

Supply voltage: 207–528 V ± 0% AC
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Electronic power supply: external 24 V DC
Rated supply voltage: 400 V
Rated DC-link voltage: 540 V
Certification: CE, cUL

Height and depth without mounting brackets.
1) For 150 seconds
2) Depth of air cooling/ depth of coldplate
3) Depth of water cooling
*) in preparation

Subject to change without prior notice

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