Powerful permanent-field synchronous motors

Experience and spirit of innovation combined in the mobile drives concept powerMELA® - electric power and drive tech for mobile work machines, ships and commercial vehicle.

powerMELA® is a compact drive solution for hybrid and electric mobile machines and vehicles. The proven system is already being used in many different applications and was developed by Baumüller together with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH.


  • Long-term cost-efficient
  • Optimised performance
  • Highest power density by additional reluctance torque and direct conductor cooling

Functionality of the powerMELA® system

The powerMELA® drive concept consists of a permanently excited synchronous reluctance motor and an integrated four-quadrant frequency converter. In the hybrid concept with powerMELA®, a DC voltage is generated in the vehicle electrical system by a combustion engine using a combination of generator and frequency converter. With all-electric solutions, operation is exclusively by battery current. The electric motors are connected to the on-board power supply and drive the vehicle.  

Advantages of the powerMELA® system

Reduced maintenance effort

  • Electric drives instead of hydraulic and rigid mechanical solutions
  • Electric drives with high efficiency

Fuel savings of up to 30 %

  • Internal combustion engine at optimum operating point
  • Operating states largely decoupled
  • High power auxiliary units electrically operated

Good EMW properties

  • Additional insulation of the stator to the housing
  • Protection class II of the drive system in the IT network
  • No additional protective covers and filter measures necessary

Environmental friendliness

  • Direct conductor cooling using rapidly biodegradable transformer insulating oil


The powerMELA®-C series is a family of permanent magnet synchronous electric machines with integrated power inverters. They were developed specifically for mobile working machines, for use in both the main drive and auxiliary drives. The machines are liquid cooled and designed for 4 quadrant operation. The desired values for torque, voltage and speed control can be set over CAN bus.

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Technical data

  powerMELA® C80powerMELA® C140 
Size (rotor height/power)[mm]/[kW]132/80132/140 
Phases 1 x 32 x 3 
Earthing System ITIT1)
Protection class IP6K9KIP6K9K2)
Construction flangeflange 
Operation data powerMELA® C80powerMELA® C140 
Nominal power (motor shaft)[kW]801403)
Maximum power[kW]881544)
Nominal voltage DC[V]6506505)
Operating voltage range DC[V]400...695400...695 
Temporary overvoltage DC[V]< 730< 7306)
Nominal current DC[A]1462567)
Nominal torque[Nm]250445 
Maximum torque[Nm]338610 
Nominal speed[min-1]30003000 
Maximum speed[min-1]60006000 
Voltage supply DC[V]9 ... 329 ... 32 
Mechanical data powerMELA® C80powerMELA® C140 
Length without shaftL1 [mm]379513 
Length with shaftL2 [mm]4505848)
Shaft diameterd1 [mm]35359)
Rotor inertia[kgm2]0.04930.08 
Max. cooling fluid temperature[°C]606010)
Cooling connectoramount2211)
Power connectoramount2212)
Communication connector 19 pole19 pole13)
Maximum impulse withstand
Maximum altitude of usem a.s.l.50005000 

1) Stand-alone operation only, not connected to the grid
2) Unmounted: drive shaft / flange IP65, Communication Connector IP67
3) S9
4) for max. 15 seconds
5) other voltages on request
6) for max. 5 seconds, according to DIN EN 60664
7) while engine operating as a motor
8) other dimensions on request
9) DIN5480-W35 x 2 x 30 x 16 x 9 g – other dimensions on request
10) Transformer oil 50 l/min
11) M 26 x 1,5
12) 70 mm2 with 8 mm cable lug
13) 2x CAN; I/O

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