Powerful permanent-field synchronous motors

Baumüller has integrated the permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has proven itself for years as the drive solution powerMELA® in the mobile drive technology, in its controller concept b maXX 5000. The motor is available in the power classes of 40, 80, 140 and 200* kW and, in addition to the electromagnetic torque as a result of the Lorentz force, generates an additional reluctance torque. When deployed together with the b maXX 5000, both the the electromagnetic and reluctance torque torques can be used, thus enabling an optimized operation and higher power density.

*in concept phase


Technical data PM4

Subject to alterations. The stated data are maximum values.
For details please have a look in the technical documentations.

* in development


  • Permanent-field synchronous motor with deeply-buried magnets
  • Highly efficient motor (up to 97 %)
  • Integrated or external electronic
  • Robust construction (protection up to IP6K9K)
  • Direct conductor cooling with insulation oil for the 80 kW and 140 kW versions
  • Water cooling for the 40 kW motor, oil cooling optional
  • Cooling with standard industry solutions
  • Field weakening up to 6000 min-1 at constant output
  • High coolant inlet temperature up to 65°C

Product advantage:

  • Wide range of constant output due to use of field weakening
  • Mechanical protection of the magnets
  • Magnetic flux density
  • High power density
  • Compact design

Customer benefit:

  • Optimal adjustment to the load profile: High torque in base speed range and constant output up to double the base speed range
  • Long running life through robust construction
  • Very high power output
  • Lower weight and volume, easier to integrate in existing mobile concepts and small fitting conditions
  • Higher allowable coolant inlet temperature enables a smaller dimensioning of the heat exchanger


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