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Secure remote maintenance

Baumüller supports the secure remote maintenance of machines and systems with Ubiquity

The Internet provides fast networking and is often used for private or business purposes. Humans, machines and sensors also communicate with each other in the industrial sector. The innovations promote a highly efficient, intelligent and flexible production. However, cybercrime is also on the rise and, according to a current study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), by now it occupies second place among all economic crimes. To protect industrial security, the Nuremberg-based automation company Baumüller offers a secure solution for the remote maintenance of machines and systems: Ubiquity.

Certificates and encryptions

Ubiquity is certified according to IEC 62443-3-3 and complies with the directives of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) Ubiquity consists of three different components that result in secure remote maintenance:

  1. The control center, an operating software that manages, monitors and updates remote maintenance systems;
  2. The runtime environment that is installed on Baumüller’s control panels and does not require additional hardware;
  3. The server and infrastructure through which the exchange of data, certificates and encryptions takes place.

Remote maintenance is possible when the runtime environment has been connected to the control center. Certificates and two-factor authentication are used in this process. The existing Internet connection may be used. A separate connection is therefore not required. Ubiquity recognizes existing connections and configures automatically. There is also no need for separate hardware, since the runtime environment is already pre-installed on the control panels.

Ubiquity implements the highest security standards with the goal of maintaining maximum security and confidentiality for the communication by automatically using protocols and certificates. At the same time various encryption procedures are applied.

Integrated chat function

An integrated chat function enables direct contact to the customer or supervisor. Thanks to an integrated remote desktop service, it is possible to access the remote system without installing additional RDP or VNC services. A file exchange service provides the option to switch files and transfer them directly to the system (e.g. PLC or converter) connected to the HMI when the corresponding connection is in place. All of the remote accesses performed on the system are registered via an audit-trail function.

With Ubiquity, Baumüller enables secure and simple remote maintenance that does not require separate hardware and offers numerous services.

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