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Our Services

Baumüller’s pension module

Baumüller contributes to the pension provision. With the Baumüller pension module, Baumüller offers its employees the opportunity to obtain an additional safeguard for the retirement age. The financially subsidized modules can be adapted to the personal situation according to need and requirements. Because Baumüller wants to make sure its employees are well taken care of even later in life.

Health management

As a medium-sized and family-run enterprise, Baumüller cares about the well-being and motivation of its employees. The goal is to offer all employees the opportunity to fully benefit from their potentials in various life stages and situations. The employees get support in achieving their harmonious work-life balance through flexible occupation and work-time models. With projects such as health days with free check-ups, lectures on health topics and the participation in sports events, Baumüller wants to support its employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is why each year, motivated Baumüller teams compete at events such as the B2Run company race or the volleyball company cup of the club SV Schwaig.

Collective agreement

Work Life BalanceWork Life Balance at BaumüllerThe Baumüller Group offers attractive services to its employees depending on the corporate unit and location. As a member of the Association of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry, for example, Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH applies the collective agreement for employees in the Bavarian metal and electrical industry. Other company units also provide flexible work time, attractive compensation systems and social services. In addition, we cooperate with various companies and organizers to offer our employees a wide range of special conditions and discounts that can be used individually all year long.

Flexible working-time models

Work-life balance – a popular catch phrase. To us it means that in the scope of the operational requirements, we offer our employees flexible work-time models, support them in the best possible way during the various life stages, fully re-integrating them after parental leave, illness or a sabbatical and letting work retreat into the background for a while during special occasions such as Christmas parties, anniversary celebrations or summer festivals.

Company suggestions system

At Baumüller, every employee has the opportunity to optimise a process or product. As part of the company suggestions system, all employees are able to submit their ideas to the HR department. Economically viable proposals are implemented and rewarded by the board of management through bonuses or vouchers.

Company bicycle

Every employee of the Baumüller Group has the option of leasing a new Pedelec or bicycle quickly, cheaply and conveniently. Our partner retailers offer special contract terms that allow savings of up to 30 per cent. At the end of the lease period, you can decide yourself whether you want to keep the bike at its residual value of 10 per cent, give it back or lease a new one.


Our employees are able to enjoy dishes that are prepared fresh every day in the Baumüller canteen. And the best thing about it is the price: Baumüller has agreed special terms with the canteen operator and covers some of the costs of every meal.

Staff events

At special occasions such as Christmas parties, anniversaries, summer fêtes or sporting events, our employees are able catch up with one another, party together, play sport and share laughs.

Company medical service

The health of our employees is very important to us. This is why we have an on-site medical service to look after our employees and provide them with professional treatment if needed.

Special terms

In collaboration with various companies and event organisers, we offer our employees various special terms and discounts that can be used all year round.