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New Hybrid Ferry in Denmark

Drive and automation specialist Baumüller receives order from Danish shipyard Hvide Sande to supply a hybrid drive system

Clean energy is an important trend for the traffic routes of our future. This is also true on water, since shipping is one of the causes of air pollution too. The German drive and automation specialist Baumüller and the Danish shipyard Hvide Sande are therefore jointly building a new hybrid ferry for cars and passengers. They are thus among the pioneers of modern propulsion concepts in Danish shipping. From autumn 2019, the ÆrøXpressen ferry company will be operating a new connection between the ports of Æro and Rudkøbing, carrying up to 32 cars and 196 passengers.HS 2696 10 webNew hybrid ferry for connection between the ports of Æro and Rudkøbing/Image: Hvide Sande

"Scandinavia is the largest shipping market in Europe with many ferry connections and is currently experiencing a strong trend towards ecological solutions. We contribute to environmentally friendly transport on the water with our hybrid ferry. In Baumüller we have found a competent and professional partner for propulsion and power generation," explains Martin Larsen, Senior Project Manager, Hvide Sande.

The new ferry is a diesel-electric hybrid solution: It is propelled by electric motors, and diesel generators are still on board only to generate electricity. Alternatively, it can also be battery operated. In port, the ferry is fully electric. The modern hybrid drive significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. The new ferry is not only environmentally friendly, but also fast at 11 knots: the crossing time between the ports of Æro and Rudkøbing will take about 45 minutes. In addition, the hybrid drive concept ensures that the ferry has good maneuverability and very low vibration.

 "We are pleased to support Hvide Sande and ÆrøXpressen on this modern ferry project. For us as international drive specialists, Denmark is an important Scandinavian market. That's why we founded a Danish branch in 2018, as we see a lot of potential for challenging projects," explains Swen Jacob, Regional Manager North Germany + Scandinavia, Baumüller.

For the new hybrid ferry in Denmark, Baumüller will supply the entire hybrid system, specially tailored to the needs of the ship. The German company will take charge of the engineering for propulsion and power generation, including: diesel generator electric engine, propeller and bow thruster drives, power distribution system and on-board power generation. Components specially developed to meet the needs of the ships are used. In 2018, the company already equipped a hybrid ferry in Germany and a fully electric ferry in Asia, and has further systems for workboats on its order books.