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'sprungbrett into work' at Baumüller

Baumüller allows young refugees and immigrants in Bavaria a day's internship in its training workshop

The Nuremberg-based company Baumüller took part in the funding project “sprungbrett into work” by the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. It allows young refugees and immigrants in Bavaria to become familiar with regional companies and get to know various professions. Participating companies, in turn, get in touch with highly motivated and willing young people interested in integration who can become future apprentices and employees thanks to the support program.

gefluechtete bei baumueller 2Baumüller apprentices gives a look behind the scenes at “Sprungbrett into work”

Companies and businesses of all sizes and of all industries can support the project and give an insight into their operation. The family-owned company Baumüller also took part in it. From November 12, 2018 until November 16, 2018, three young refugees daily took a look behind the scenes as part of a day-long internship. The trainees of the Baumüller Group demonstrated concrete activities that are common in a professional life of a company in the drive and automation industry, such as the construction of a simple pneumatic circuit and the construction of an electrical installation circuit.

“It's great that we can give young people an insight into our company through the Sprungbrett into work. All young people, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to gain access to the job market and to potential employers” says Andreas Formann, Head of Personnel at Baumüller.

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