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Faster to multi-axis movements

80% of the application is already pre-configured: With its pre-configured software package 3 AxisFlex, Baumüller has reduced the programming effort for controlling the motion of up to three servo axes

With its 3 AxisFlex software package, Nuremberg-based automation specialist Baumüller is offering pre-configured system solutions for multi-axis applications that already include all basic functions and can be conveniently and easily adapted to the respective application. This greatly reduces development times so that new applications can be brought to market quickly.Multi-axis-applicationBaumüller's pre-configured software package 3 AxisFlex can greatly reduce the programming effort required for multi-axis applications such as plasma cutters, laser cutters, and robots for surface treatment

3 AxisFlex includes two areas: the basic package and the 3D-axis coordinated motion basic library. The basic package features user-friendly visualization and wizard-guided installation. It contains a customizable PLC and HMI template, i.e. users can add their own functions and even develop the template further according to their own needs. Many functions, such as manual operation, automatic mode, error management and user administration, are already stored, saving users time-consuming engagement with the software. The blocks of the coordinated motion basic library are used to implement functions such as collision monitoring, axis group coupling, and tool management.

Multi-axis-applications Up to 80 percent of the work has already been done: In the 3 AxisFlex package, all basic functions are already integrated and the software only needs to be adapted to the respective application With the 3 AxisFlex package, 80 percent of the work is already done. The software simply has to be adapted to the specific application. Numerous applications, such as plasma cutters, dosing robots, and laser cutters, can be implemented quickly and easily.

Complete solution for linear robots

3 AxisLinear is an extension of the 3 AxisFlex software package. It offers the user a complete machine-specific package for linear robots that only needs to be parameterized. When using this “ready to use” package, the user saves even more time because the application-specific programming work has already been taken care of.

Industry 4.0-ready software packages

Both the 3 AxisFlex motion package and the 3 AxisLinear package are Industry 4.0-capable and can be easily connected to higher-level machine control systems. In addition, various other interfaces, such as the EUROMAP interface, are available so users can easily connect the implemented solution to other machines.

At SPS 2019, Baumüller's application experts will be demonstrating how the software packages can be used for various industries and applications with live performance every hour.