AC disc motors DSM

Three-phase disc motors are available in two versions — coreless and iron core.


  • High overload capacity due to coreless motor winding
  • High torque via NdFeB permanent magnets
  • High performance in a small unit with an extremely short design
  • Detent-free and very quiet thanks to coreless motor winding
  • Virtually constant torque over a wide speed range


  • High torque via NdFeB permanent magnets
  • Can be used as a torque motor thanks to variable winding design
  • Very high performance in a small unit with an extremely short design
  • Low detent torque due to rotor optimization
  • Optionally available with brake, tachometer, encoder, gearing

Your benefits

  • Very quiet
  • Virtually detent-free
  • Low-inertia and highly dynamic running characteristics
  • Space-saving, shallow design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Special version as a high-torque drive
  • Performance can be doubled using a second stator
  • For small and medium power up to 6300 W
  • Optionally available with tachometer generator, pulse generator, holding brake and gearing
  • Insulation class F, protection class IP44, higher protection class available on request

Technical data - DSM

1) ironless disc motor with integrated electronics
2) ironless disc motor

Subject to alterations. The stated data are maximum values.
For details please have a look in the technical documentations.

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