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Smart Protection: Pump monitoring in the drive increases the machine life

Philipp Gebhardt, Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

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Baumüller SmartValue
Get more out of your drive technology with IoT: Baumüller SmartValue is all about the added value that smart drive technology gives mechanical engineers and machine operators. Baumüller SmartValue enhances the scope of our servo drives: It takes existing data, such as power, current, torque, speed and position, and provides users with important additional information (e.g. machine operating status) or decisions are made directly in the drive to prevent machine failures. The same can be said of the associated design software, which ensures that the motor / controller combination is optimally dimensioned for the respective application and the controller is parameterized. In addition, the design can be immediately verified and optimized on the digital twin using simulation technology.

How-to increase machine service life through pump monitoring

The solution

The current thermal pump utilization is determined using a dynamic calculation model and monitored in the monitoring. The utilization is calculated via speed, pressure and, if available, via the oil tank temperature directly in the servo converter. The calculation takes place with a very short cycle time of 1 ms.  If the predefined threshold value for the capacity utilization is reached, hydraulic bypasses are connected to relieve the pump, which in turn ensures higher flow and improved heat transfer. This shifts the pump’s operating point out of the temporarily allowable operating range and into the continuously allowable operating range and prevents damage due to hot running.

Datenerfassung über externe Sensorik und Berechnung im Servoumrichter

Data collection via external sensors and calculation in the servo converter

The advantages

Decisions can be made directly in the drive to avoid machine failures. Thanks to the smart controller function, in addition to thermal overload, other critical states in the hydraulic system can also be detected, for example, dry running of the pump. In this way, the life and productivity of the machine can be increased significantly and failures prevented in good time.

An external temperature sensor is not necessary to calculate the current pump capacity utilization. If the sensors are already available, however, this can be taken into account in the model. In this case, the influence of the oil tank temperature can be considered. If no sensor is available, this is assumed as a constant for the calculation.

The data are evaluated solely in the drive and this relieves the control unit. This saves additional wiring and reduces the susceptibility to faults of the entire monitoring system.

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Philipp Gebhardt
Application engineer I Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

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