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b maXX 4400 – Modular servo-controllers

Power units with five cooling variants and seven sizes

The b maXX 4000 has up to eleven slots for plug-in modules and can therefore be customized for special automation tasks. Special plug-in modules connect the b maXX 4000, for example, to all common bus systems. The plug-in module b maXX-drivePLC makes the drive intelligent.

bm4000 sizes

The b maXX 4400 converter family

b maXX 4400 offers a power range from 1.1 to 315 kW. Rectifiers, intermediate circuit capacities and inverters are integrated in all devices.

b maXX-drivePLC -
One of the world's fastest drive-based PLCs

products drivePLC thumb

Speed up your applications

With a cycle time of 100 μs for 1000 lines of STL, the b maXX-drivePLC is suitable for both comprehensive control and demanding motion control tasks. Through the use of our PLC, the control PLC can be assisted, down-sized or even completely replaced. Transparency and clarity is created in the application via the clean decoupling of motion control applications from the machine program.

  • Makes drives user-programmable
  • Delivers excellent real-time performance
  • Increases availability
  • Reduces control cabinet size
  • Ensures a consistently stable system

Function and option modules for b maXX 4400

With over 30 different function and option modules, b maXX can be easily adapted to the individual tasks of the automation and drive solution. The individual modules are designed as plug-in cards, so the drive controller no longer needs to be ordered pre-assembled. The machine builder can use various plug-in cards, function and option modules for b maXX 4400 to ensure a wide range of functions and plug in the required combinations himself. This way he can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. In addition, this system guarantees quick extension of the drive at the user's premises. Production adjustments can be made in a short time and with a small extent of work.

Funktions- und Optionsmodule für b maXX 4400 


Digital I/Os

  • Digitale I/Os 4 inputs, 24 V industrial supply network, potential-free
  • 4 outputs, 24 V industrial supply network, potential-free, 0.5 A

Analog I/Os

  • Analoge I/Os 2 inputs ± 10 V, 12 bit, 2 outputs ± 10 V, 8 bit
  • 2 inputs ± 10 V, 16 bit, 2 outputs ± 10 V, 16 bit
  • 2 inputs ± 10 V, 12 bit, 2 outputs ± 10 V, 12 bit
  • 2 inputs 4–20 mA, 16 bit, 2 outputs ± 10 V, 16 bit

Encoder interfaces

  • Digitale I/Os SinCos encoder with Hiperface interface and electronic type plate. Resolution: up to several million incr./rev.
  • Resolver, resolution: 1024 incr./rev.
  • 5 V square-wave incremental encoder, resolution: (PPR count x 4) incr./rev.
  • SinCos encoder with EnDat® interface SinCos encoder with EnDat 2.1 and 2.2
  • Interface for single- and multi-turn, linear measuring systems and absolute positioning acquisition
  • SinCos encoder with SSI interface
  • Sine-cosine encoder with SSI standard interface, with internal and external encoder power supply
  • Incremental encoder emulation
  • 5 V square-wave/differential input, 90° phase offset or SSI signals

Memory module

Speichermodul The parameter memory module contains all the parameters set on the b maXX drive controller for all 8 parameter sets and 16 positioning profiles. The drive controller can be provided with new parameters by simply plugging in the module. With the pluggable parameter module, a drive can be replaced during servicing without requiring knowledge of the operating software. Service couldn't be simpler.

Fieldbus modules for b maXX 4400

FeldbuskartenThe b maXX 4400 supports all common fieldbuses. Simply by inserting the appropriate option module, b maXX can be optimally integrated into all systems. The standard fieldbus is EtherCAT.

Fieldbus interfaces

  • EtherCAT: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: Slave, Master, Cluster
  • EtherNET/IP: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: -
  • CANopen: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: Slave, Master
  • CANsync: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: Slave, Master
  • Profibus: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: Slave
  • Sercos: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: -
  • Varan: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: -
  • POWERLINK: b maXX 4400: Slave | b maXX-drivePLC: Slave
  • Ethernet: b maXX 4400: TCP/IP | b maXX-drivePLC: TCP/IP

Fieldbus systems

bm4000 fieldbus

b maXX 4000 – The modular servo-controller

Braking energy

The control of a brake resistor is integrated in the device as a brake chopper. A ballast resistor is connected externally. On the one hand, this ensures optimum dimensioning and, on the other, reduces the construction volume of the control cabinet.

Mains filters

To ensure a cost-effective configuration, mains filters are always connected externally upstream of the device. This way, several power modules can be combined on one mains filter, which reduces the costs for the entire system.

Temperature-dependent fan control

The fan is open-loop controlled as a function of the internal temperature of the device. This lowers the overall energy balance, thus reducing the overall costs of a system.

DC link coupling

A DC link coupling of several power modules for energy compensation is possible. The excess energy is not “burned up”, but is available to other drive units without additional energy being absorbed from the power supply.

Safety module

With the help of the optional safety module, “STO” functionality acc. to EN ISO 13849 up to PLe/SIL3 can be easily realized without integrating additional contactors within the motor cable. This makes the structure of the safety circuit simpler and clearer. The potential danger emanating from the machine is reduced. The machine works reliably.

Cooling methods

4400 STandardkühlung WasserStandard cooling method
Standradkühlung LuftStandard cooling method Air
Coldplate bm4400 coolingColdplate
Durchsteckkühlung Luft bm4400 coolingPush-through cooling
Durchsteckkühlung Wasser bm4400 coolingPush-through cooling

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Technical data for b maXX 4400

Supply voltage: 207–528 V ± 0% AC
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated supply voltage: 400 V
DC link voltage: 540 V rated voltage
Clock frequency: 2/4/8 kHz
Output voltage: 0–95% of the supply voltage
Electronic supply voltage: external 24 V DC (diagnostic capability)
Fan connection: Size 1–3: 24 V DC; Size 4–7: 230 V AC ± 10%
Certification: CE, CSA, UL

Height and depth without mounting brackets.
Depth of the air-cooled variants including the required bend radius of the connecting cables.

1) Depth of air cooling / depth of water cooling
2) for 1 second
3) single-phase
4) only air cooling available
5) only water cooling available
Subject to change without prior notice


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