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Working at Baumüller

Family business - Our interactions

Our employees are our success. We stay in motion with our more than 1900 employees around the world. Our daily interactions are shaped by collegiality, a sense of responsibility and cohesion. Our family business is operated by the third generation of Baumüllers. Our employees are part of this entrepreneurial family. We are proud to have employees who have already celebrated their 40-year job anniversary with us, along with trainees who are just starting their professional careers at our company.

Personnel development

Our personnel development unit plans, organizes and holds regular training sessions so that our employees can always continue to advance. In addition to our standard program, we work on the development of individual employees in close coordination with the respective manager in order to fully achieve the specific potentials and skills of our staff. This way we can accompany a wide range of our employees’ careers, which can be just as individual as the employees themselves. You can attend either individual coaching sessions or in-house seminars.

Junior Management Program - JuMP

When it comes to training and advanced education, Baumüller’s motto is to challenge and support.That is why Baumüller started the Junior Management Program (or JuMP) in October 2014. The goal of this program is to find young management talents internally and actively support them. Employees in the entire German-language area can be nominated for this program by their supervisors. Eight persons were selected for participation in the most recent round. For two years, the participants will be instructed in workshops by external and internal trainers on the topics of management, leadership and communication. A particular advantage is the network that the participants can establish through their new contacts across all departments in the entire corporate group. In addition to the workshops, the acquired knowledge and the multi-layered experiences of the group flow into a strategic marketing project that is completed at the end of the program.

Cross Mentoring

Baumüller participates in the successful Cross Mentoring project, in which mentors and their mentees from various companies can meet. Mentors pass their experiences on to the young mentees. The main goals are the mediation of management expertise, support in the career development, regional contacts, etc. Mentors can share their longtime experience and profound knowledge while the mentees profit from the personal support, have an independent contact person outside the company and make valuable contacts. The program is accompanied by coaching units and courses. Baumüller has already successfully participated in the program with mentors and mentees.