Digital Twin - A buzzword becomes reality. Simplify dimensioning, optimization & commissioning with simulation

Digital Twin

Developing machines is the first step; reaching maximum efficiency and highly precise controlling the masterclass. Maximum compactness. Highly efficient drive solutions. Extreme precision. Optimum in design and rapid commissioning. Those are the goals engineers seek to achieve when developing and commissioning a machine. The greatest challenge: perfect drive design and optimal controller settings. There are numerous software solutions for the simulation of electric drive systems out there promising assistance. The downside; the tools require profound know-how in simulation topics. However, there are also interesting possibilities for beginners. To ensure the optimal functionality and operational safety of machines at an early stage and to virtually test different options can be a snap!

In the webcast find out:

  • Which simulation types are available and the most important differences
  • How to find the right software provider
  • How ProSimulation helps in your engineering process
  • How we have optimized drive systems with ProSimulation

You can find more information about the digital twin in our webcast, which can be downloaded by filling out the fields in the form.

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