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Higher performance through drive simulation of servo hydraulics

How to solve critical states quickly and efficiently

You ask yourself how the ideal controller settings can be determined for the subsequent machine? And how, e.g. critical states in the servohydraulics can also be simulated and the effects on the process and the drive system can be tested?

With the Baumüller ProSimulation software, the servo drive systems of machines and systems can be set up, tested, and optimized virtually. 

By mapping pump properties such as the volumetric and hydraulic-mechanical efficiency and taking into consideration system properties such as variable oil volume, pipe losses and leakage behavior, complete servo hydraulic applications can be designed in the simulation and commissioned virtually. These events can be transferred to the real application later, as a result of which, the time and cost of developing and commissioning servo hydraulic machines and systems educes significantly. 

In the webinar, we explain to you, among other things, how ProSimulation  can be used to simulate the dynamic operating behavior of the servo hydraulics. You also find out how ProSimulation helps you in the engineering process.

In our free webcast find out:

  • The advantages of ProSimulation
  • How ProSimulation helps you in the engineering process
  • How ProSimulation can be used in servo hydraulic applications


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