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Motor damage from oscillation, vibration or shocks? It doesn't have to be like this

Prevent engine damage from vibrations or shocks

Do you have problems with vibrations and shocks? – This is how you increase the service life of your motor!
The life time of your motor is not long enough? The processes in your machines cause strong vibrations or shocks and your motors don’t stand the stress? We have good news: From the beginning of the machine design process there are possibilities to use simulation to improve the motor’s lifetime. The basis is the measurement, analysis and simulation of the shock-load and vibration strength. The knowledge gained empowers drive engineers to see the changes that will extend the motor’s service life. This webcast will inform you about mechanical stress in electric machines, the problems these may cause, how to reveal the real problem and suggestions to improve the shock and vibration resistance of electric motors.

In the webcast you will find out:

  • What types of mechanical loads exist and which damage they may cause

  • Which methods exist to measure and simulate mechanical loads.

  • What changes may lead to a longer motor lifetime.

  • How FFT analysis and simulation helped us to significantly increase the engine service life in a real project.


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