DC drives

BKD/BKF 7000 — the power converter for drives up to 800 kW

The BKD/BKF 7000 series includes line-commutated power converters for variable-speed DC drives with microprocessor control. In addition to the usual reliability, they also provide many new and enhanced features.

The BKD/BKF 7000 includes all necessary analog set-value and auxiliary inputs and digital control outputs, and is available as a one-quadrant (BKD) or four-quadrant converter (BKF). Both variants differ only in the design of the power unit to the armature control. The BKD/BKF 7000 is designed for a wide voltage range of 340 V to 550 V — the armature converter, power supply and field converter are all equipped accordingly. The field voltage can be roughly adjusted via plug-in jumpers and finely tuned via the software. In addition, the tachometer voltage can easily be adjusted via the terminal selection or the software.

The BKD one-quadrant power converter is designed for rated currents from 30 A – 2050 A, the BKF four-quadrant power converter for rated currents from 30 A – 1650 A. DC drives can be operated in the power range from 5 kW to 800 kW in four-quadrant operation or up to 1100kW with the one-quadrant model.

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