DSC1-135 – Direct ejector

Resilient – compact – dynamic

Baumüller introduces new ejector drive for plastic machines


Baumüller offers a compact and high-speed drive with a new version of its three-phase current synchronous motor DSC1. The DSC1-135 was designed in particular with the plastics industry in mind and as an ejector drive. That is why in addition to a compact type of construction and a high level of dynamics the motor has a special mounting to compensate for axial process forces. In addition, plastics machine manufacturers benefit from a special mechanic interface for spindle connection and from the high overload capability of the motor.

Ejector motor for injection molding machines

The DSC1-135 offers a maximum torque of about 535 Nm, a rated torque of up to about 305 Nm as well as a speed range of up to about 1800 rpm. This makes it possible to realize a stroke length of up to 280 mm, an axial force of up to 130 kN and a travel speed of up to 480 mm/s. The drive can be operated with a multi-turn encoder, but other encoder versions are optionally available. The motors are available with integrated water cooling for maximum power density.


Benefits at a glance

  • Four-point bearing on the DE-side to compensate for axial forces
  • Water cooling with stainless steel cooling circuit for a extremely compact design
  • High nominal and maximal power for minimal cycle times
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DSC1-135 – Direct ejector

Ejector drive for plastic machines

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