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References Metalworking

The magic is in the details

Baumüller supplies a precisely controllable drive system for the newly developed electric powder press from Maschinenfabrik Lauffer.

Complete solution from a single source for highly dynamic servo presses

Baumüller equips the Simpac MX and SX servo press series with highly dynamic drive and automation solutions.

Sparks are flying – precisely and decentrally positioned

The texturing machines from Maschinenfabrik Herkules use electric arcs to process the rolls with the utmost accuracy. Now, the drive specialist Baumüller has assisted in optimizing the machines by converting them to decentralized drive technology.

High-precision 3D eye rim bending machine

The latest version of the fully automated 3D eye rim bending machine S-514 from Schüssler Technik is compact, digital, and meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 - and it allows glasses manufacturers around the world to have creative design options.