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Hybrid marine power from Baumüller

Economical, environmentally and equipped throughout with the latest technology, the new coastal work boat Trischen is evidence that alternative marine propulsion solutions have long since come on board.

Starting signal for an all-electric, emission-free inland waterway transport fleet

The partnership between SNL and Baumüller marks a milestone in the electrification of waterborne transport in Switzerland.

Baumüller intelligent power management system eliminates the need for redundancy and saves additional fuel

The VSS Emmerich features a diesel-electric propulsion system with an intelligent power management system. Two diesel generators with an output of 294 kW each provide the power for the two electric drive motors, the bow thruster, and the on-board electronics.

Hybrid ferry with Baumüller drive system

Environmentally Friendly Across the Weser River - Four Baumüller electric motors drive the drive propellers of the ferry Farge directly.

New Hybrid Ferry in Denmark

Drive and automation specialist Baumüller receives order from Danish shipyard Hvide Sande to supply a hybrid drive system

First Electric Ferry in Asia

The first fully electric passenger ferry in Asia is operating with Baumüller technology and uses solar power